Hello there.

Welcome to my personal website, and thanks for dropping by.

I am Dwi Redjeki Prabaswera, and you can call me “Derry“.

About me:

  • I am a simple man

I just do not like complicated or detailed too much in any life activity, although that it may require a little complicated for some certain situation reason. It depends.

  • I am a random & curiosity man that who like learning a random stuff anytime whenever I liked.
  • I am WordPress fan

I like WordPress since 2010 because it’s easy to blogging. I also interested with themes and plugins as well due functionality extension reason.

Sometimes I can edit code and design themes WordPress only a little bit when needed.

  • I am Linux hobbyist

I begin to like to learn Linux because I am curious when I study about Linux course in my university.

I also like Linux desktop as well besides doing command bash for install purpose.

This is my first career job for doing Linux thing, and the skill I learn it is by doing self-taught with practice based on the situation.

Until now, I am still learning a new Linux things when the new trend comes (just learned some that are commonly used and demand needed due to a lot of Linux tools these days).

  • I am a reader who likes to do a daily reading about WordPress, Blogging, Information Security, Linux, SEO Marketing, Web & Programming Development, Writing and other things entertainment (such as video game & movie) in:
    • Email newsletter (always)
    • Medium
    • Quora
    • Facebook
    • LinkedIn (sometimes)
    • Twitter (rarely)
    • Other sources.

I always reading daily information every day even that I sometimes or rarely practice it when I have a free time.

  • And last but not least, when I am away from work activity, I like to do playing video games (mostly), walking or marathon sports activity & traveling (been traveling a lot since my childhood).

About resume, portfolio & personal things

Nope, not yet to include it at the moment.

Even I had a portfolio from my personal, college and work that I finished it, I still will not include it for rework reason until it’s ready to publish it.

About social platform

You can follow me if you like:


I usually read & share some post useful from Facebook page, group (sometimes) or other sources every day.


I usually just for share post. Sometimes I read and share some post publisher, I am rarely to clear all twitter post for a tidy reason when needed.


Sometimes I used this for career reason.

The other active platform (such as Quora, Medium, etc.) not yet included it.

And some of the inactivity platform (such as Instagram) are almost rarely to used, and I may not reply it.

About photo

Currently, the photo I had on this website is not much due to my appearance privacy and incomplete reason.

About website

This website is only one page for introduction purpose at the moment due to a content reason, and it’s currently tidy up for my website based on my personal experience.

And it will be changed slightly (including content and may design website as well) once I gain my new experience.

Be wary that this content website can be changed anytime without notice, depending on my personal experience.

About contact

Just email me to my email address [email protected].
No phone number included here on this website at the moment due to privacy reason.